The Leading Viral Marketing Campaigns
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Another one of the greatest viral marketing campaigns, this especially was a part of a bigger campaign referred to as "Dove campaign legitimate beauty ". The viral video was comprised of an insider's look on the sweetness industry, revealing on the audience the interior workings utilizing beauty for promotion.

It begins with an ordinary pretty girl having a seat before a camera whereby a gaggle of makeup professionals turn her right into a model looking girl. The makeover won't end there however; an image in the girl might be altered digitally to take a look a lot more beautiful.

Finally the finished photo will be utilized on a billboard advertising an imitation beauty product. The playback quality was viewed 40,000 times in the first day's its release and 1,700,000 times inside a month of the upload. The following is why:

Novelty. Exposing the key behind beautiful ad models for that masses would be a novel and fascinating idea. It attracted the interest of audience and also this led to the short spread from the video all over the net.

Subtlety. There is no example of any dove products about the same video; the one mention of Dove is incorporated in the short end credits. But the underlying message signifies that you should quit to take a look like supermodels just play the role of clean, you just need to a bar of soap.

The experience good factor. The sense good factor this is huge, what women does not want to know that she's beautiful even if she doesn't appear to be a supermodel? None! This had a tremendous influence on the good thing about the recording.

Continuity. Dove quickly released a "making of" video from the original viral video, with interviews and behind the scenes footage, this kept the buzz alive till they released another viral video, Dove Onslaught.

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